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This agreement defines the terms for A-shirt, a subscription based service of t-shirts. As a new subscriber you receive a new t-shirt every 60 days that features a new unique design inspired by anything around the world of Apple (the company). The t-shirts are delivered directly to the mailbox of your choosing, continually until you request to no longer proceed with your subscription. If not stated otherwise in any special offer or campaign, a-shirt has a two months (one t-shirt) period of notice. The cost of an a-shirt is USD 50. Shipping and Handling are not included in that price. The cost is only per t-shirt. These prices include value-added-tax (VAT). Customs or duty charges are always the responsibility of the recipient. Information on delivery dates for upcoming productions are available in a-shirt member area.

Agreement for a-shirt subscribers

a.) Under the terms of the existing agreement, The Client has an immediate period of notice from the time The Client notifies a-shirt of the subscription cancellation, if not stated otherwise in any special offer or campaign. Which means that The Client will not receive any additional t-shirts after the requested cancellation, other than the ones that have been charged at the moment or before the cancellation and therefore in the process of being produced or shipped.

b.) A-Shirt makes a count of total subscribers two weeks before the next edition is shipped. The total number of A-Shirts is produced accordingly. Deliveries are only made to those who are subscribers at the moment a-shirt makes that count. Upon notification of a new subscriber during the two weeks before the next delivery, the initial delivery will be when the next edition is published (with exceptions of “k”).

c.) The cost of an a-shirt is USD 50.-. Shipping and handling are not included in that price. Any customs or duty charges are always the responsibility of the recipient. Subscribers will be charged on their credit card or Paypal account accordingly with the start of the upcoming production. After that, the payment will automatically be withdrawn every 60 days from the approved credit card (with exceptions of i ). For dates of delivery, sign-in to the members area.

d.) This agreement is continuous and proceeds until The Client discontinues their subscription agreement as stated in point “a”.

e.) To cancel your subscription agreement you must login in the members area and choose to either; delete your account, in which case you will no longer receive a-shirt other than stated in point “a” and your account will be completely deleted, you will then loose the access to the content linked to the a-shirts you own. You can choose to Suspend your account, in which case you will not receive a-shirt other than stated in point “a” but will keep the access to the content linked to the a-shirts you own.

f.) Received shirts cannot be exchanged or returned. Should the client wish to change shirt size, the next delivered shirt will be sized according to request. If the request has been noted by the user in the members area before the credit card of the client is charged the correct size will be applied and delivered upon.

g.) Should a production flaw exist on a received t-shirt, exchange or payment compensation can be made. If exchange is not possible the delivery fee of that specific shirt will be credited against next payment.

h.) The client will provide an address where the client would like the a-shirt to be delivered to, as well as a viable e-mail address which will be used to identify him or her to the Member Area, to which additional messages can be delivered to. Should the client change, or desire to change, delivery and billing address or e-mail, the client must inform A-shirt immediately by updating the related information in the Members Area. If the client fails to do so, A-Shirt is not responsible for unreceived shirt delivery and the client remains responsible for payment.

i.) Upon agreement of the terms and payment processing, delivery of the first T-shirt will occur at the next upcoming T-shirt release. Information on shipments or account can be monitored in the client’s Members Area. Moving forward, the client is categorized as a member to which begins the recurring charges and shipping (for dates of delivery see the Members Area) every 60 days (with exception of details listed in “b” and “j”).

j.) A-Shirt reserves the right to terminate a subscription due to the client’s failure of payment as agreed in the subscription agreement.

k.) Delivery can take up to 30 days after the posted delivery date.

l.) A-Shirt’s designed T-shirts are protected by exclusive production laws (copyright©) and may not be reproduced or duplicated for sale under any circumstance. These rights protect all material and products, which A-Shirt creates; this includes all physical and digital products linked to each designed a-shirt, both written and visual.

m.) Regarding credit card payment, the charges are automatic and continuous from the approved credit card every 60 days (with exception to details listed in “b”, “c”, “i” and “k”). When in full understanding of this agreement, The client will approve that a continuous activity of payments, every 60 days, will be withdrawn from the provided credit card account without further agreement from the client for each specific time. This is a service supplied by BrainTree, a Paypal Company (read more about this service at https://www.braintreepayments.com). Upon cancellation of subscription the automatic withdraws will terminate after the period of notice has transpired (as stated in “a”) and after the final T-shirt is delivered. If the account is lacking the right amount and a withdraw is denied, A-Shirt will automatically suspend the subscription to the a-shirt delivery service. Should the client resume the service, the client will receive the next coming T-shirt produced according to the regular subscription and production schedule. The client is obligated to provide a working credit card and by not doing so it’s not seen as a cancelation of the subscription. If A-Shirt is not able to charge the provided credit card until the production date, the T-shirt will not be manufactured.

n.) Upon dispute the origin principle goes into effect. This includes that upon an eventual dispute all rules and decisions follow Swiss laws.

o.) The client is in agreement that A-shirt manages personal information regarding the client in ability to supply the product and administer this agreement, the same applies for activities that the client hereby has agreed to. The client also agrees that information regarding A-Shirt may be sent to the provided e-mail address.

p.) Any complaints on merchandise or invoice shall be notified without unreasonable delay from the date the goods/invoice are received. These complaints should be sent to support@a-shirt.club.

q.) In the case of tax changes and/or shipping changes during the agreement period; A-Shirt has the right to increase the rate accordingly.

r.) Upon agreement of a subscription contract or/and those terms, you agree to receive the A-Shirt Newsletter sent to your registered e-mail address as well as other information and administrative emails sent directly and only by A-Shirt. You can unsubscribe from the A-Shirt Newsletter in the Member Area.

s.) Sanctions following errors or delays can’t be called for if the cause for the errors or delays are out of A-Shirt’s control, and the faults for good reasons couldn’t have been avoided or conquered. For example: strike, accidents, lightning, fire, explosion, war, riots, floods, storm, natural disasters or acts by government.

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